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EA SPORTS FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is a massive online community of fans building, managing, and competing with their ultimate football team from the world’s best players in FIFA 17. Play with your dream...
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About 1 Million FIFA Coins

Ultimate Team is the most popular form of online play in the FIFA video game. For those playing online, FIFA coins are a virtual currency which allows users to make the most of the games popular Ultimate Team mode. Competing against other human players, Ultimate Team allows players to build their own ?dream team? of real life players. Players are represented by cards, which are in turn ascribed a value which is measured in coins. The better a player?s stats might be, the more coins they are worth. Players can earn coins by playing matches, with the amount earned varying depending on results and in-game mechanics. Player cards can also be traded to earn more coins, and they can be awarded for tournament victories and transferred between participants. This can take a long time and in order to reach a total of a million FIFA coins, one would have to spend a large amount of time playing the game. For those who wish to build a team quickly, it is possible to purchase FIFA coins for actual money, at a rate determined by the seller. A million FIFA coins will allow the owner to purchase a large number of higher value cards, and thus be able to add that player to their team. To remain competitive at the highest level, assembling the best squad will require a large number of coins. Purchasing a million FIFA coins from another player can quickly accelerate this process. The transaction is typically completed by exchanging Gamertags with the seller, and selling a very low value player for (in this instance) a million coins. This can allow gamers to build a competitive team quickly, though the possession of a large number of FIFA coins are not a sure-fire method of succeeding online, nor are there strict guidelines for the online sales of FIFA coins. There is no fixed real world exchange rate for FIFA coins.