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Upgrade from the little television set you've had forever and get a nice 42-inch TV. With this size, you appreciate the details in the images. Experience action movies just a little more realistically with a screen that seems to reach out and grab you. Your favourite sports shows will feel more real on a larger screen. Choose one with a full HD experience for the best viewing possible. Tune into a music concert and it feels like you are almost there. Even in limited space, it is possible to enjoy this larger screen.

Televisions have the option of being mounted on the wall to give more floor space. Look for new or even a fabulous used television from sellers on eBay. Just pick your brand of 42-inch TV and watch your next movie in style.

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About 42 inch TV

There are three major types of flat screen television and all are available in a 42 inch screen size. LCD screens utilise a large source of light in order to produce an image over a screen made up of liquid crystal which has been compressed between glass plates. This makes them the bulkiest of the flat screen televisions and most suited to being wall mounted. LCDs often have the smallest contrast ratio of the three television types which can mean deep blacks appear faded. This is generally the most affordable type of flat screen television on the market. LED screens are the newest in television technology and are very similar to LCDs, however, rather than being lit by a large fluorescent light, they are lit by hundreds of evenly distributed LEDs providing a bright and vivid display. Whilst LEDs are the most expensive of the flat screen televisions they are also the most energy efficient by far and have the longest lifespan. These screens come a close second to the plasma in terms of contrast ratio. Plasma screens create a picture by sending electrical charge into a small sheet of plasma cells. These screens provide a superior quality motion image which is useful for fast moving sports and they also have the best display contrast ratios. Plasma screens are the least energy efficient screen type and have the shortest longevity amongst the three types. Televisions may come packaged with accessories such as speakers for amplified sound. Wall brackets are essential for mounting these flat screen televisions onto walls, this can be done with fairly rudimentary use of DIY tools.