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About 5W30 Oil

Many newer model vehicles require synthetic 5w30 oil. It lasts longer and works to lubricate the engine components without causing sludge. Some vehicles are able to be switched from traditional to synthetic oil with the assistance of a trained mechanic. Recreational vehicles, boats, and maintenance equipment also require motor oil to prevent engine seizure. Levels in equipment or autos that are not used regularly should be checked prior to the starting of the engine after a period of non-use.

Some lawn equipment or home maintenance equipment requires an oil and fuel mix. This can be achieved by having the proper oil on hand and following the mixing instructions on the piece of equipment. On eBay, you can find motor oil in synthetic and traditional blends for use in autos per manufacturer suggestions. Use 5w30 oil to complete an auto oil change right at home and keep your car or other vehicle running smoothly and effeciently, without the sludge associated with other oil types.