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About Airplane DVDs

If the 1980s is one of your decades and you lived through the neon-bright years of that era, no doubt you have fond memories of the critically acclaimed film "Airplane". Now there's an "Airplane" DVD for anyone who wants to re-experience this classic without dusting off the old VCR. An unashamedly silly series of rapid-fire gags and puns, "Airplane" is one of the highlights of actor Leslie Nielsen's career. It follows the story of Ted Striker, a fighter pilot with a pathological fear of flying who boards a plane on which his ex-girlfriend Elaine works as a stewardess. The pilots are struck down with food poisoning, and it's up to Ted, Elaine, and Dr. Rumack (played by Leslie Nielsen) to land the plane safely. eBay also offers a double-pack with both "Airplane" and "Airplane 2", a film that attempts to improve on "Airplane" by setting it in space. The movies are a great way for any child of the 80s to spend an evening.