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Popular among action and adventure lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts, airsoft BB guns bring video games to life with realistic gunplay that yields zero casualties. With the right model of airsoft gun, a plentiful supply of ammunition, and a full outfit of protective gear, the game is on.

Choose from between electric, gas, and spring guns that come in models designed after pistols, rifles, shotguns, and more. Arm yourself to your preference and join your friends on the battlefield.

About Airsoft

Airsoft is a popular sport where the aim is to eliminate opponents by using replica or imitation firearms to hit them with non-metallic pellets. A range of different activities can take place, from a simple skirmish to a more complex historical re-enactment. Airsoft was created in Japan and has been played in the UK since the 1980s. Players always wear facial protection. This typically involves a pair of goggles and face mask (sometimes using mesh for improved vision) and perhaps also a balaclava. There are a range of variations in the type of masks worn for effect. These range from a full military skull style to mesh models offering protection for the lower half of the face only. You may also be able to choose a wartime dummy gas mask. Apart from mesh goggles, other choices include black ops or night vision styles, and replaceable lens glasses. Some have a no-fog option as the glasses and goggles can sometimes become clouded by condensation during the heat of battle. Airsoft pellets can be fired from a selection of weapons ranging from sub-machine guns and sniper rifles to pistols (often based on famous weapons such as UZIs or Glocks). Carrying cases, some in camouflage colours, are popular accessories, as are scopes and their mounts, bipod rests or carrying straps, and gas refill canisters. Ammunition pellets and magazines, ammo bags and pouches, rubber clips, plus a variety of spare parts for the weapons are also available here. If Airsoft is the sport for you, you'll find a great range of items to help you gain maximum enjoyment every time you play.