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About Aluminium Scaffold Towers

Scaffolding towers provide wide, spacious platforms where there is more room than on the rungs of a ladder, giving increased surface contact with the feet so that users feel safe when working at height. On ladders, users often have to stretch too far to the right or left to work, which can be dangerous. If you?re buying an aluminium scaffold tower, look for a product with colour-coded parts that make it straightforward to put together. Many of today?s compact models can be broken down into a size that?s easily stored. And if your tower comes with integral locking casters, that will make it easy to move around. Select a product bearing the EN1004 safety stamp, which indicates the product has been passed by the Health and Safety Executive. You may also want to look for additional features on your tower, such as a leg adjustment kit which could give you up to 20cm of adjustment on each of the wheels ? especially handy if you are working on rough ground. Or choose a tower you can climb from the inside, via an internal trap door platform. Another thing to consider is ribbing on the parts of the tower to boost safety and strength thanks to the additional non-slip grip provided. Many platforms have heights which can be adjusted in increments measuring 0.3m. A typical safe weight load may be up to 230kg, which will include any tools being used. Finally, aluminium is a good material to use for a scaffolding platform since it is durable but very light, so a tower can be out up by one person in minutes, and won?t rust, even if stored outside.