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Asus - Computers/Tablets & Networking

Named for Pegasus, the Greek mythological figure that represents wisdom and knowledge, ASUS built itself into one of the world’s top technology companies. With each new product, ASUS attempts to innovate and move technology forward. It offers products in nearly every IT category, including PC components and peripherals, notebooks, hybrid tablets, and smartphones.

With ASUS products you can find sleek designs, powerful computing, full features, and lightweight mobility. When shopping for your next technology purchase, make sure ASUS is on your list.

About Asus - Computers/Tablets & Networking

Due in part to producing high quality goods at affordable prices, Asus rose to the forefront of world PC sales from the collective mind of four former Acer engineers. Based in Taipei, the company's wide portfolio has pushed them to the forefront of Asian technology companies in a relatively short space of time. In 2012 Asus were ranked fifth of the world's hardware manufacturers ahead of Sony and Samsung. They drove the Taiwanese market, pushing for greater recognition by companies such as Intel and eventually overtaking their European and Stateside competitors to new technology. Perhaps its best known export is the EE brand PC, this in alliance with other Asian companies and Microsoft introduced hardware that would later become standard in other PC models. The EE, however, has since ceased production due to declining sales as the market for tablets and notebooks increased. Asus have never been a company to rest on their laurels, however, and their tablets and notebooks are some of the bestselling available. Their comparative low cost combined with high quality components have place Asus at the forefront of the affordable goods market. Asus products come with an assurance that the values of quality and economy can be met. Other products including LCD screens, mobile phone handsets and PC components led to a restructure in 2008. This identified three major branches of the company, a move which although controversial at the time has proved a strong benefit to the Asus brand, now worth $1.3b on the American market.