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About Banjo Ukulele

Classic songs attached to history's biggest stars, such as George Formby, have made the banjo ukulele an instrument that people go back to again and again. Also known as a banjolele or banjo uke, the banjo ukulele has delighted listeners since the early 1900s with the combination of the small-scale playing style of a ukulele and the distinctive sounds of a banjo. Many banjo ukuleles feature wood and metal accoutrements and 16 frets, and they offer the same scale lengths as a soprano or a concert-sized ukulele.

Collectors who want to discover an antique banjo ukulele can search eBay to find the instrument in attractive solid metal, typical of the Dixie brand in the mid-century. Antique banjo ukuleles may also come with calf-skin heads, giving the instruments a more traditional sound. A banjo ukulele allows the musician to harness both the strengths of a banjo as well as a ukulele to create a signature classic sound.