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When travelling to Barcelona, the fastest way to make friends is to support the local football team, and you have any number of ways to do so.

FC Barcelona is the biggest club in the city, making it easy to find a number of products that support the team. You can choose kits featuring the numbers of various players on them, though there are also backpacks, hats, and decals available. Learning about Barcelona football is a great way to introduce yourself to the culture.

About Barcelona

As the second largest city in the Peninsula Iberica, Barcelona in Spain has a massive population of over 1,620,000 people. The urban area of Barcelona expands beyond the city, and is home to more than 4.5 million people, making the sixth largest urban area in the whole of Europe. Barcelona is a cultural, touristic and sports hot spot, with its influence spreading far and wide in terms of education, media, fashion and entertainment. It is one of the world's major global cities, and its financial districts are growing rapidly. One of Barcelona's biggest exports is their local football team FC Barcelona, so much so that the team has become a symbol of Catalan culture. This is displayed in their motto, which is Més que un club (more than a club). The team has won more competitions than any other Spanish club, with more than 80 titles under their belt. There is plenty of FC Barcelona related merchandise available to buy online, including old and new football kits to wear whilst heading out to play a bit of football yourself with friends or a team, FC Barcelona themed footballs, old match reports, programmes and DVDs, ticket stubs for the avid collector, flags with the FC Barcelona logo emblazoned on them, and other items of clothing with FC Barcelona branding, including jackets, t shirts, sweat pants, trainers and socks. Other pieces of memorabilia are available too, with posters of the individual team members, images of the various strips made in to kitchen magnets, hats, scarves, collectable figurines and official club leather wallets.