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Nothing but net is your personal motto, and basketball is your favourite sport. While you may not be a professional, you still enjoy shooting hoops in your driveway, so you need the right equipment to get in the game.

To play ball, purchase the right trainers, a hoop and net, some comfortable athletic shorts, and a ball. Emulate your favourite basketball star with a jersey, such as a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls replica or a Celtics sleeveless jersey, and make every three-pointer sink.

About Basketball

The origins of basketball date back to Massachusetts, America in 1891. A Canadian PE teacher called James Naismith was trying to keep his students active during a rainy day, and wanted to keep them exercising vigorously during the cold winter months. He strapped an old peach net to a 10 metre high track, and wrote down the basic rules. At first the net didn't have an open bottom, and the ball had to be collected after anyone scored a point, but other than that the game has remained relatively unchanged. Although we don't use footballs whilst playing basketball any more (the sport required something with more bounce), the other equipment remains very similar. Basketball has become hugely popular in America, with more than 30 teams making massive amounts of money in the NBA. The sport is catching on in England, with basketball being played at the Olympics, but it is yet to reach the heights of the American leagues. Basketball training hoops and nets can be bought with weighted bottoms that help them to stay up. These hoops are easy to transport around, and tend not to be full size (although full size stands are available). Wall mounted hanging baskets can be purchased; these require no stand or base, and can simply attach to the wall, although slam dunks are not recommended with this option. Balls can also be bought, with specific branding or team names on them, as can clothing items. Most NBA teams have branded jerseys and shorts for sale, as well as other clothing items such as sweatshirts, jogging pants and even shoes.