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About Bespoke

Bespoke suits and shoes for men are typically worn on formal occasions and tailor-made items are designed to be an excellent fit for individuals of all different sizes. The best place to find both is Savile Row in Mayfair, central London, a street now famous around the world for its association with bespoke tailoring for men and the best suit makers in England. A bespoke suit can come in many forms and its precise style will typically be dictated by the function it is designed to be worn at. A tuxedo for example is generally reserved for formal occasions or award dinners, while a bespoke tweed ensemble might be better suited to a less formal gathering or an event involving outdoor pursuits or activities. Tailored suits There are many makers of fine suits based in Savile Row and elsewhere in London, including Ozwald Boateng, who is renowned for adding his own inspiration to classically-arranged and immaculately tailored suits. Meanwhile Paul Smith has become an internationally renowned fashion brand and a menswear icon, having begun life as a creator of high quality bespoke suits and shirts. Bespoke shoes Every high quality tailored suit, whether wool or tweed, and whether tuxedo style or otherwise, deserves a well-made pair of shoes to go along with it. Some styles never go out of fashion and handmade products tend to last far longer than machine-made and mass produced alternatives. Whatever colour or style of shoe you prefer, bespoke options offer a luxury feel and a sense of genuine quality.