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About Bike Trainer

A bike trainer is one of the most useful devices that any cycling enthusiast can invest in. They offer a lot of potential to riders seeking to warm up before a race or those who don’t want to skip their workout when outdoor riding conditions aren't pleasant.

A bike trainer is a piece of equipment that enables cyclists to use their road bike indoors whilst staying stationary. This works via a clamp that holds the bike securely with a roller pressing up against the rear wheel and then a mechanism which is designed to create resistance when the pedals are turned.

The mechanism varies between different models. In some wind trainers, the roller drives fan blades that create resistance in the form of air. These are typically the best option for people on a budget but can, on occasion, be a bit noisy (although anyone riding with headphones in probably won’t notice the difference). Other trainers make use of magnets to create the resistance, with the more elaborate models able to change the amount of resistance during a session. Fluid trainers are both the most expensive and probably the quietest, making use of liquid-filled chambers to build up the resistance. There are also a small number of trainers that make use of a centrifugal pressure mechanism in order to create resistance through the use of pressure plates, ball bearings and grooves.

The function of a bicycle trainer is to build strong cycling skills in a more controlled environment and to minimise the interruptions that come as an inevitable part of cycling outdoors. Trainers actually provide a better preparation for genuine racing than typical exercise bikes, as they require more genuine cycling technique to use them efficiently.