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Showcase your knowledge and love of football with Brighton collectables. Retro jerseys and programmes are perfect for those who want to support their team or add to their selection of revered items.

Thicker shirts made from cotton work well for cold games, and lighter jerseys composed of polyester help your skin breathe during hot summer matches. Shorts with the logo complete a look, while team sheets help you recall certain championship members. Show your pride for The Seagulls in Brighton.

About Brighton - Collectables

Brighton is a very popular tourist destination on the south coast of Britain. Because it takes less than an hour to reach Brighton from London via train, a lot of people living and working in the capital visit the coastal town for a long weekend, or family getaway. Brighton first emerged as a spa break destination in the 18th century, where the Prince Regent would use it as an escape. The railway was built in 1841, which saw an insurgence of day trippers coming from London to enjoy the seaside. Because of this the population grew incredibly quickly, with more than 160,000 people living in the area by 1964. Brighton is well known for its various beaches that are separated by some historically important piers. The West Pier, built in 1866, is one of the two Grade 1 listed piers in the whole of England - unfortunately it was closed in 1975, with a fire scuppering the restoration attempts. Other important Brighton landmarks include the the clock tower which was built in 1888 for Queen Victoria's Jubilee, Volk's Electric Railway, which is Britain's oldest electric rail system, and Brighton Marine Palace and Pier, an amusement centre and arcade hall that was opened in 1899. Memorabilia relating to Brighton and its attractions can be purchased online, with old postcards, posters, wall art, prints and collectable souvenirs readily available. Merchandise specific to the piers can be found, with models, posters and old pictures depicting the stunning architecture at various points around the year.