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About BSA Motorcycles

BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) motorcycles were first manufactured at the turn of the 20th century. The last motorcycle rolled off the production line in the mid-1950s. Despite the fact that they are no longer manufactured, BSA-motorcycles are still incredibly popular, largely because of the high quality design and manufacture of each and every model. Many biking enthusiasts will be keen to own a BSA motorcycle and for this reason, you can often find well restored, pre-loved models on the market.

If you have a BSA motorcycle that is in need of repair, it isn’t necessarily difficult to fix and maintain it because spare parts are readily available. Although new parts are no longer manufactured because BSA doesn’t exist anymore, they are regularly sold in a second hand condition at a competitive price. Whether it was a childhood dream or a newly discovered interest, owning a BSA motorcycle could be closer than you think!