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Like many clothing companies, Burton designs its apparel for a specific group of people. As a snowboarder, Burton knows that you enjoy extreme sports, being outdoors, and staying in style, and you need apparel to fit that lifestyle.

Bundle up in a warm hoodie, slip on a beanie, or enjoy a sassy T-shirt in the summer. Always be stylish and comfortable while flying down a mountain or casually walking through town with your friends.

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About Burton

Founded by Montague Burton in 1903 under the much more auspicious banner of The Cross-Tailoring Company, it soon changed to Burtons and by 1929 it had 400 shops, factories and mills in operation, which made it a monster of its time. In fact, by 1952, the year Montague Burton died, the company was the largest multiple tailor in the world after acquiring Peter Robinson's women´s fashion chain. Burton was the official clothing supplier to England's legendary 1966 World Cup winning squad as well as the less successful Euro´96 and the 2002 World Cup squads. There have also been a number of 'Burton Boys', faces of the brand that have included DJ Trevor Nelson and boxer Amir Khan as Burton pushed its brand on the 18-30 market that makes up its core customers. Burton sells the full range of clothes, from pyjamas to smart suits. Though it is no longer the all-conquering force in the marketplace that it once was, Burton has retained its reputation for quality clothes at a reasonable price and remains a favourite to this day. And the brand continues to reinvent itself, with collaborations with unlikely sources like the Royal College of Art and international shipping taking the Montague Burton approach to a whole new audience.