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Cake boards vary in size and shape. Thick plastic boards do not succumb to constant exposure to humid kitchens. Metal boards provide long lasting durability against the scratches caused by sharp cutting knives.

The boards often put the final touch on cake design by complementing how the pastry chef applied icing and layered the cake. Corrugated boards present a more formal cake presentation. Ensure you cakes remain upright and appealing by placing them on cake boards.

About Cake Boards

Cake boards can be used to display a single cake layer, or they can be used to separate different layers. A variety of materials, colours, and designs, are available to ensure that you can choose a board that is best suited to your cake.

Buying Cake Boards

Whether you are a professional cake decorator, baker, or are looking to create a cake for a special occasion yourself, you can use cake boards to help keep the cake stable, provide somewhere to store it when combined with a cake cover, or to help create a two or more tiered cake that retains its stability and strength. Choosing the right material is important, because toxic materials, or those with a toxic coating are not safe. Tiered cakes are difficult even for an experienced baker and decorator, and it is the use of cake boards that will help ensure success.

Cake Stands

A cake stand is a functional item that also, in some cases, serves the purpose of helping to add beauty to the decoration. A stand may be used for a single tier cake, whereas boards are most often used for those cakes with multiple layers or tiers. A cake board is typically not raised, although may be raised through the use of an additional stand.

Using A Board As A Base

A cake board can act as an effective base, and it can also be decorated to help create a better looking cake. By using a base that is larger than the actual cake, and then placing this directly on the table or other surface, it is possible to create models of items, objects, people, and creatures around the cake.

Separating Layers With A Cake Board

The principle use of cake boards, however, is to create layered cakes. You can use boards and columns in order to create a cake with two or more tiers. In most cases, you should use boards that are the same size and shape as the cake layer that will sit on top of it. There are both circular and square boards available, and in a variety of sizes. Cutting a board down to size may be possible but this can also damage the board itself.

Other Cake Decoration Items

There are many items that can be combined to help create a stunning and attractive cake. Whether you want to attempt to create your own wedding cake, or you are a professional cake decorator, you will need to invest in some of these items to help ensure the best results from your cake decorating. A cake stand can be used to show off your creation, while items like icing cake decorations are used to give the cake a better look and design. Cake boards are used, typically combined with columns, to create a cake with multiple tiers or layers.

Buying Cake Boards

When buying cake boards, there are a number of options and choices that you will have to make. The most common design for boards are square or circular, while sizes can range from 4 inches up to 14 inches or more. For creating layered cakes choose boards that the same size and shape as your cake layers to ensure the separate layers are secure, and that they will remain in place until you want the layers removed.