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About Canon 5D Mark II

The Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera is an outstanding piece of equipment and its functionality and ease of use make it an ideal camera for both recreational photographers and professionals alike. The mark II has an exceptional resolution quality of 21.1 mega pixels, giving the user outstanding photographs and there is a large sensor for maximum control over depth perception. It has outstanding processor speed and the continuous shooting allows you to achieve a very impressive 3.9 frames per second. Another key feature of the Canon 5D Mark II is the full HD video recording. You will be able to shoot full HD (1080) video from the camera. What's more, this camera allows you to shoot HD video direct to a memory card without losing the ability to capture still images. The EOS integrated cleaning system is an in built cleaning system for the camera. It provides three ways of preventing dust built up on the lens and camera mechanisms to ensure superior picture quality and eradication of dust spots. Shooting in low light is no problem for this impressive piece of equipment with ISO speeds of up to 6400 in low light expanding to up to an incredible ISO 25600 for dark scenes where a flash is undesirable. You will be able to capture the scene exactly as you see it. In addition to the exception zoom function and depth perception that comes as standard with this camera, there is also a wide selection of lenses that can be fitted to the camera for more specific and targeted applications.