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About Car Bike Rack

Whether you are a professional cyclist or you just love exploring your town on two wheels, keeping your bicycle with you is important. But what if you need to go to a land far away to participate in a bike race? You can’t cycle your way to your destination, as that would be strenuous for you and your beloved two wheels. You have to preserve your bicycle’s good condition for the competition. This means that the best thing to do is put it on your car, and drive your way to the starting line. But bikes are a space filler right? Do not worry! There’s a thing called a car bike rack, which you can purchase online. This kind of bicycle rack comes in two kinds: the roof rack and the mounted rack. From the word itself, the roof rack is what you put atop your car. It will then support and hold your bicycles in place from up there. The mounted rack on the other hand is the one that fits to the back of the car. Whether you like to have the mounted or roof bike rack depends on you. However, there are things you need to consider when buying a bicycle rack. First, it should fit your car and should be easy to assemble. Second, the rack must hold as many bikes as possible. Third, it should be lightweight and space savvy so that it won’t add much pressure on your car.