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Your car is an extension of your personality. Use car stickers to decorate it and make it your own. Fun designs like flowers, animals, and popular cartoon characters bring a smile to drivers' faces when they pass by.

Showcase your sense of humour with funny car stickers that include phrases and symbols meant to make people laugh, or make a point with a more serious sticker that shows your support for a particular cause. Help your car stand out just like you.

About Car Stickers

Add pizzazz to your vehicle with car stickers. If this idea appeals to you, eBay is the place to make your selection. Also, if you prefer personalised stickers, customise the labels to suit your character. If you are a business owner, specially designed stickers are useful to advertise your company. Car stickers are not just for pasting on windows; they give your car a feminine touch with flowers and butterflies on your bonnet or car doors, if that's your style. Children love to see stickers on cars and easily recognise their family vehicle, if they look for a frog rather than a registration plate. The 'Baby on Board' car window sticker is a boon for mothers or parents who have a baby with them. When drivers see this sign they tend to drive more slowly and are extra careful. Add a little laughter to your life with a couple funny car labels and always get noticed.