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Anyone serious about security knows the importance of CCTV. A CCTV camera system lets you monitor and record everything that happens on and around your property. It builds peace of mind and, with a DVR, creates a permanent record.

Wireless CCTV is great for keeping an eye on things in out-of-the-way places, and you can put the camera anywhere that it has access to power. Set up your own security system and sleep soundly every night.

About CCTVs

Closed-circuit television, better known by its abbreviation of CCTV, involves the capture of images via video cameras and their transmission to a limited number of monitors. CCTV is synonymous with the provision of security services and the establishment of surveillance within a given property or series of properties. Such systems are most readily associated with the protection of highly sensitive facilities like banks, airports or casinos but they are also now in common use at private properties and individual homes or businesses. CCTV systems A CCTV system is comprised of a number of important components, led typically by its camera that is designed to capture footage of a particular space or environment. Also crucial to complete the effectiveness of a CCTV system is equipment capable of transmitting and receiving, whether wirelessly or otherwise, the information and data captured in video form by the associated cameras. Without the appropriate components of a complete CCTV system even the best night-vision and infra-red capable video camera will not perform full security functions. However, there are dummy CCTV cameras available for the purposes of appearing to indicate the presence of a full system and to deter potential intruders. Whether fully functional or designed as a deterrent, a CCTV camera should be both waterproof and vandal-proof where possible to ensure that it is fit for purpose in the context of consistent outdoor use in a variety of climatic conditions. Individual components and cables designed to form part of a full security system are available individually as CCTV accessories.