About Cheryl Cole

Born on the 30th of June 1983, Cheryl quickly rose to fame on the British TV reality show 'Popstars: The Rivals' in 2002. The judges from that show announced that she had been awarded a place in the all-girl band 'Girls Aloud', and she's been with them to this day. She has been hugely successful with the band, and has had 20 top-ten singles, including four number ones, as well as six platinum albums, two of which sat at number one in the official UK album charts for many weeks. In 2009, Cheryl Cole went solo, and her first album, '3 Words', has three hit singles, including the track 'Fight For This Love', which went straight in to number one. As well as being a pop star, Cheryl is also now recognised as a style icon, and has been photographed for the front covers of British Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar. She is also 'the face' for cosmetics company L'Oreal, and has become quite a British style icon, often being photographed wearing clothes by some of the world's top designers, including Givenchy, McQueen, and Missoni. Cheryl was briefly married to English footballer Ashley Cole in 2006, but divorced him in 2010, after announcing earlier in the year that they had separated. Though divorced from Ashley, she still carries his surname, but when you consider that her maiden name is actually Tweedy, you begin to understand why. Her net worth in April 2012 was estimated to be in excess of £15 million. She is taking a break from the music and fashion scene but you can be sure this talented and beautiful girl will be back. And we'll all know about it when she is!

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