About Chinos

Practical everyday trousers that also look good on you and come in an array of colours so you can find a pair for any outfit – is this possible? With chinos, the answer is yes. They are in fact the smart version of jeans and thus help you look outstanding in any place. Depending on what you pair them with, you can wear chinos at work or even when going out for the night. A cable knit jumper with sand coloured chinos is a great classic on a chillier day, while grey chinos with a fancy printed T-shirt add a twist to your style and make you look fashionable instantly. In the office, wear navy chinos with a striped polo and you will always be in style for any situation your job may bring you. Chinos are mainly worn by men, but they are also prominent in today's women fashion, especially in Britain. Women can stylise the chinos to fit any occasion, just like men, although women probably go for bolder colours, while men stick with familiar navy and earth tones. Chinos are great basics, a blank canvas, on which you can paint any picture you like. Printed T-shirts for a casual day out, blazers for job interviews, and glittery tank tops for a fun night out; the styling process really is up to you. Chinos are also great on children. Thanks to the 100 per cent cotton twill material they feel smooth to the touch and the stains on them are not very notable. Dress your child in chinos and you can be sure that he or she looks presentable even after a long day of playing with friends.

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