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In many households, gathering together to put Christmas baubles on the tree is one of the signs that the Christmas season has begun. Originally blown from glass, Christmas baubles come in a range of colours, especially red and green, but can also be found in clear or even personalised varieties.

The night the box of baubles comes out is the night Christmas begins at home. Start your holiday season this year by decorating the tree.

About Christmas Baubles

From delicate, hand made glass baubles to vibrant and colourful plastic baubles, you can find everything you need to make your Christmas tree the best dressed in town. If you?re starting your Christmas bauble collection from scratch, the first thing you?ll need to do is decide whether you want coordinated or mismatched baubles. Some people love the look of a precisely arranged tree, complete with matching baubles and lights, whereas others prefer a more haphazard approach, buying individual baubles whenever they see one that catches their eye. Though plastic, wooden and metal baubles are the most resilient, if you store and transport glass baubles carefully, they too should last you for years. In fact, many modern glass baubles are made from shatterproof glass, making them safer to have around children and animals. For a great classic Christmas look, pick up some retro or vintage glass baubles for your tree. Or for a totally unique festive decoration ? or great Christmas gift - look out for personalised baubles, complete with photos, messages or even illustrations. As well as tree decorations, coloured baubles can also be used throughout the year in art and craft projects and as stylish party features. So if you?ve got some extra baubles lying around the house, let your creative juices flow and see what you can come up with. Whether you prefer a traditional Teutonic look, mismatched chic or a modern minimalist aesthetic, it?s easy to find the perfect baubles for your tree. It's easier than ever to create the festive look you?ve always wanted.