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The long-running soap opera, Coronation Street, has had millions of British residents tuning in for over a half century. Fans can purchase memorabilia such as DVD sets that include 10 or more discs.

The golden anniversary collection celebrates 50 years of Coronation Street productions. You may favour a mug, a signed photo by a cast member, a book about the daytime drama, or a vintage model car replicating a vehicle featured on the 1900’s fictional street setting.

About Coronation Street

Coronation Street is a longstanding soap opera, which has successfully maintained its popularity since it was first broadcast in 1960. The series is produced by Granada Television, which is based in Manchester and it is Granada Studios that is home to the Coronation Street film set. The series is the longest running programme that has ever been broadcast by ITV. The enduring popularity of the series is very much based on the combination of strong working class characters and entertaining plot lines that often feature both humorous and serious events. Merchandise Like any popular television series, there are plenty of themed items available for fans to purchase, which feature the characters, cast and buildings from Coronation Street. Fans can buy a whole range of themed objects, from kitchenware to family board games to remind them of their favourite series. Ceramic miniature buildings are also popular with collectors, representing famous buildings from the Street, of which the most famous is The Rovers Return pub. Although Coronation Street merchandise was once widely available, some items are now becoming rarer and more collectable with fans. Episodes Many episodes from past series of Coronation Street are available to purchase on VHS and DVD formats. These include classic episodes from the original series that were first broadcast in the 1960s. Some VHS and DVD releases feature a selection of the best episodes from a particular era in the show's history. Autographs Autographs signed by past and existing cast members are widely available. However, signatures by the original cast are likely to be more valuable, due to their rarity.