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Tall rooms with big windows require large curtains, and often 90x90 curtains fit the bill. At over 2.25 m on a side, these curtains are a perfect match for sliding glass doors. Curtains speak to your personal style and 90x90 curtains make a suitably large statement, which is always something to think about when choosing a set.

Boldness and size go together, combining their impact. Make a statement you want to see.

  • Brown Faux Suede Curtains 90x90

    Brown Faux Suede Curtains 90x90

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    Chocolate brown faux lined suede curtains each curtain is 90x90" ( they have been gathered in at the top already but can be untied if you need to) Due to the weight collection in person would be the b...
  • Next Curtains 90X90

    Next Curtains 90X90

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    Next curtains from smoke free home
  • Laura Ashley Curtains 90 X 90

    Laura Ashley Curtains 90 X 90

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    'LAURA ASHLEY' LINEN BLEND CURTAINS. One of LAURA ASHLEY'S most popular fabrics 'KIMONO'. Each curtain measures approx. . Fully lined in a quality cotton lining helping to keep out winter chills or su...
  • Curtains 90X90 & Accessories Red

    Curtains 90X90 & Accessories Red

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    90 x 90 fabric pattern curtains. Quite heavy fabric so good blackout quality. Also including red accessories if you would like them. Cushions, rug, painting, case and lights. Changing colour scheme in...
  • Gorgeous Huge Pair of Lined Floral Curtains Plus Tiebacks. 90

    Gorgeous Huge Pair of Lined Floral Curtains Plus Tiebacks. 90" x 90"

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    Gorgeous pair of lined curtains with delightful floral design with cream background including shades of green, blue, russet, rose pink. The face of these curtains is made from 100% cotton so they hang...

About Curtains 90inch x 90inch

Curtains are designed to be placed in front of windows in order to shut out the light, as well as to create a form of privacy. They are mainly placed in bedrooms and living rooms for normal windows as well as patio doors.

90 x 90 curtains measure at 90? wide with a 90? drop. The length is designed primarily for patio doors as well as tall windows. Care must be taken when fitting curtains that they fall just above the floor, so as not to create a safety hazard as well as ruining the curtains with potential dust or dirt from the floor.

Curtains can be made in a wide range of designs, patterns, materials and colours. The most common fabric used for curtains is polyester. It is durable, easily cleaned and aesthetically matches most home furnishings. Other materials can be used such as silk or acrylic, but are rarer due to their less practical nature with regards to cleaning. Curtains come in a wide range of both bright and more neutral colours, as many people use curtains as a base colour to match the various other furnishings within their chosen room.

Many curtains are designed as blackout curtains. Blackout curtains block the sun out completely rather than just filtering it. These curtains are normally fitted into bedrooms where users may desire to keep the room in complete darkness to aid the process of sleeping. They are often fitted in children?s bedrooms for this reason.

The tops of the curtains are usually connected to a wall bracket that runs the length of the patio door or window. The bracket has a fitting in the middle so that the curtains can be drawn equally. The curtains can variate between ring pull and eyelet designs. Ring pull curtains incorporate wooden or metal rings that allow the curtains to slide across when drawn and opened.

Eyelet curtains involve a similar motion but instead create the loop with the material of the curtain itself as opposed to using any additional rings. Most curtains designed in the eyelet fashion incorporate a loop large enough to accommodate for any wall bracket, however, care must be taken when purchasing that the bracket used is not too thick and therefore incompatible with the chosen curtains.

Many curtains come with tie back accompaniments. These are designed to hold the curtain in place when drawn, creating an arched effect in the middle of the curtain. Without tie backs, the curtains will fall straight when fully drawn.

Curtains are always sold in a set of two and most are machine washable. It is advised to iron on the reverse when the face and back are made from different materials. The face will often use silk or similarly delicate materials which are not suitable to be ironed. The inside does not use the same material as it is not supposed to be seen, and is therefore suitable to be ironed. Some curtains are designed in the same material on the front and back, thus being reversible. This means that they can be ironed on either side.