About David Icke

A one-time footballer, David Icke has come to represent the fight against an established and traditional way of thinking, and many individuals around the world follow his work. David Icke, the world's leading conspiracy theorist, works as a public speaker and writer. And while many within the scientific and sceptical community consider him more than a little off in his observations, some claim that he could have a point, at least in the concepts he presents. A lot of his theories and beliefs stem from his interest in the spiritual. He has authored a total of 19 books, including "The Biggest Secret", "Children of the Matrix", and "Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More", among others. His latest, entitled "Remember Who You Are: Remember Where You Are and Where You Come From", attempts to explain how we, as spiritual beings, have to rise above our physical selves and remember our spiritual inheritance. Most of his writing is tied into the vast conspiracy enacted by a race of reptilian beings intent on controlling the human race. Most world leaders, at least in Icke's eyes, play into this conspiracy by being reptilians themselves, requiring human blood to keep up their guise as humans just like us. Considered on the fringe of logical society, his ideas seem to have struck a chord with many despite this. Some feel his ideas represent a way for society to be able to question the world around them. Is he truly out there as some would claim, or is he closer to the truth than we realise? Whether you agree with him or not, most would agree that he does present some far-fetched ideas that demand discussion.

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