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About Die Grinder

A die grinder can help you grind, polish, and sand metallic and non-metallic surfaces with ease. This handheld device finds use in different realms, ranging from metalwork to woodwork to boiler making to welding. When buying a die grinder, your primary options comprise of air grinders and electric grinders. While electric grinders convert electric energy to mechanical energy, air grinders make use of compressed air to generate the required force.

Sellers on eBay deal in different types of die grinders, which include 110V and 240V options. The revolutions per minute, or RPM, can vary from model to model, and powerful models can cross the 30,000 RPM mark. Certain models offer spindle locks to facilitate easy and quick changing of bits. Some models sell as part of kits, which include grinding bits, protective cases, and other accessories. You can find models with adjustable stands and flexi shafts as well. With access to a die grinder, you can also hone your contouring, engraving, and fabrication skills.