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Hardcore, sassy, bold and irresistible—all these words describe the stylish apparel from Diesel. Pre-stressed collections let you look rugged without the work and premium cuts show off your body’s best features effortlessly.

Gear up for the week with a stylish Diesel watch to complete your look or a designer handbag to house your accessories. Let Diesel fill up your wardrobe with a mixture of irresistible styles to get you through the year.

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About Diesel

Diesel clothes are well-known for being young, sharp, fresh and funky. The company attracts young adults with its brand of high-end, very cool gear, and is true to its high-style Italian fashion base. Founded in 1978, Diesel has crashed through the barriers of economic boom and bust, with clever marketing campaigns, lots of creativity, and a driven attitude. Most of its revenue comes from the sale of its branded denim-wear, and it's sold through around 5,000 outlets, 400 of which are Diesel shops. Diesel also has a popular range of children's clothing, 'Diesel Kid', and a large range of underwear and beachwear which has been running since 2007. Diesel also uses its brand for collaborative design with other types of manufacturing, so occasionally limited-editions of non-fashion items can be found. They worked with AGV to create a motorcycle in this way; have also launched Diesel Home with designer fabrics for interiors; and other areas, like kitchen items, headphones, and recently a Ducati motorbike. Diesel shops are arranged in different styles throughout across all its stores, because the founder of the brand, Renzo Rosso decided that the stores would sell more clothing if the customers interacted directly with the store staff, so making the stores more confusing would improve the chances of sales. Diesel's innovative marketing approach has led it towards marketing its clothing in video games, and in 2008 a new marketing partnership was agreed for them to sell their clothing from Sony's Playstation platform, with the majority of the profits going to a charity affiliated with Diesel. It was also one of the first fashion companies to use the internet fully, and in 1995 set up its website to showcase its new ranges.