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People have hair, but dogs have fur, and that is why so many owners use dog clippers. If your dog's coat is thick and heavy, he may spend the entire summer being uncomfortable. A set of dog clippers lets you trim his coat so that he can be comfortable without all that fur getting in the way.

Dogs deserve to look good too, especially when looking good means feeling comfortable. Keep your pet looking his best.

About Dog Clippers

Most dog clippers are either rechargeable or plugged in, with blade size tailoring grooming to individual coats, and guides which snap on ensure an even trim across your pet?s body. The product you choose will depend on the type of grooming you want to do, and on your pet. You may be just tidying up your animal?s coat or feet, in which case a more basic pair of dog clippers will be fine. If you want a cut for your pet?s coat between groomings, think about medium-priced products which have a number of different blades. At the top of the market, if you are styling a coat for a show, professional-style dog clippers have a choice of speeds, and, again, various cutting blades. Dog clipper blades differ depending how closely they cut. Some brands have a numbering system ? with higher numbers for closer cuts. Get advice from other owners of your breed of dog and learn which blades would best suit your pet. The snap-on guide combs are also important ? these fix on to your dog clippers for an even cut. Put simply, a half-inch comb will mean a cut of the same length. Sometimes, you have to buy separately, so check before making your purchase. Many dog owners like the convenience of cordless clippers ? make sure you have enough battery power to last you through the job!