About Dragon Ball Z

For lovers of Japanese anime and manga, "Dragon Ball Z" is a beloved entity. The series started out as a book of illustrated stories, called Dragon Ball, which followed the life of a young boy named Goku, who goes on an epic quest, does martial arts, meets many creatures along the way, and tries to find the legendary Dragon Balls so he can make a special wish. This manga series spawned several television programmemes, with the most popular one being "Dragon Ball Z", along with other series like "Dragon Ball GT" and "Dragon Ball Kai". "Dragon Ball Z" began in 1989 in Japan, and ran until 1996. It then became licenced to head to America, where it picked up a whole new audience, and ran from 1996 until 2004. The episodes were reworked and dubbed for an English-speaking audience, and were very popular in the United States. The series has since been released on DVD and in the Blu-ray format. "Dragon Ball Z" also spawned films, and there were actually 17 released in Japan, with one released in America. There are also "Dragon Ball Z" video games that have been released in a variety of platforms, such as PlayStation and Xbox 360. The manga books on which "Dragon Ball Z" is based are widely known as the most popular and bestselling manga series of all time, and has sold close to 130 million copies in its native Japan. Collectibles, such as cards and toys, are fun for collectors to purchase and trade, and the DVD versions of the programmeme are hot properties for fans.

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