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Arne Jacobsen designed the egg chair in 1958 for the Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. Its comfortable yet stylish construction made it a hit, and the chair has been imitated and modified countless times over the years.

Pick up a Jacobsen-style chair to inject some modernist cool into your living room or channel some retro vibes with a pod egg chair. Swinging egg chairs are an attractive and fun addition to any garden. Enjoy the cosy-chic combination of an egg chair.

About Egg Chairs

The egg chair was developed by Arne Jacobsen back in 1958, and it?s since gone on to be an incredibly popular make thanks to its simple but comfortable design. At the time, it was praised for its use of state of the art material, and the design has clearly stayed the test of time. Remember the egg chair they used in Big Brother? It ended up becoming one of the most recognisable icons in the show throughout its many series. Naturally, the popularity of this design means that there are lots of excellent models on offer for you to buy. The style is now emulated by many designers and manufacturers, making them with some slight variations from the original design or in a different array of colours and materials. There?s certainly a lot of choice on offer and are a great way to put some retro chic into a room. The egg chair is a classic yet modern design that continues to endure. The pod style egg chair is definitely more appropriate for those wanting to recreate a retro vibe as they?re so reminiscent of the 1960s, but there are other designs too. One of the most popular is the swivel egg chair, which would make for a great addition to the office. It?s adjustable and movable for your convenience, with a high back and curved structure for additional support and comfort. Some are wider and more like an arm chair whilst still retaining that distinctive design, so it?s a wonderful addition to any living room too.