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    Used Electric Golf Trolley Buying Guide

    Whether playing a hilly, windy course in the Scottish Highlands or a flat course in the rolling plains of the South of England, carrying a bag full of golf clubs for 18 holes can wear down even the stronger...

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    How to Buy an Affordable Electric Golf Trolley

    Many people take up golf as a way to enjoy some exercise, fresh air, and sunlight. And why not? It works very well for millions of people all over the world. The only issue is that some people find it...

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    9 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Golf Bag Trolley

    Golf is a popular sport enjoyed by many around the world. Played over a large expanse of ground it is necessary to have adequate fitness levels to participate. But what happens if an injury or a regular...

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About Electric Golf Trolleys

Golf can be a fun but tiring sport to play. During the course of a game you can end up walking very long distances, and lots of walking combined with carrying or pushing your heavy clubs for a substantial amount of time can prove extremely wearing. Golf courses are renowned for consisting of varying terrain and although great fun, can be particularly exhausting. This is why electric golf trolleys are a particularly useful purchase for any keen golfer to make. Electric golf trolleys take the hard work out of getting around the golf course, enabling you to fully enjoy the game and the walk without an unwelcome struggle. Electric golf trolleys are battery powered and rechargeable. Most golfers prefer to walk the course rather than use a golf buggy in order to get a more enjoyable golfing experience, and electric golf trolleys make this much easier. Paying a caddie to assist you around the course can prove very expensive, so electric golf trolleys provide you with a much more cost effective alternative that you can use again and again with no added expense. Although being originally designed for elderly golfers, electric golf trolleys are becoming more and more popular with all golfers. Not only do they make the game more enjoyable, they have also been proven to improve a golfer?s performance as they have not wasted their energy carrying heavy equipment around the course. Gas powered golf trolleys are also available, however, it should be noted that these are much louder and more costly to run. Electric golf trolleys are therefore usually the best and most economical choice, whilst their quiet motor preserves a serene golfing experience that does not hinder your concentration.