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  • 58
    Published bylights4fun
    Battery LED Fairy Lights: Ideal Christmas Decorations

    Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights - Christmas, Weddings and Bedrooms   LED battery lights are perfect for those situations where you want a simple solution or you have no power sockets. When choosing battery...

  • 2
    Published byfestive-lights
    Using lights to dazzle your loved one this Valentine's Day!

    Valentine's Day is something that quite often divides opinion. Some see it as the perfect opportunity to show their loved one how much they care, some use it to try and impress a potential partner and...

  • 24
    Published bylights4fun
    Outdoor Christmas Lights - Which Are Best to Use?

    Dressing your trees this Christmas may seem like a chore; broken lights, high winds, rain (especially if you live in the UK) and just generally wanting them to be up in a flash is usually what springs...

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