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About Folding Bath Screens

A folding bath screen is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to update your bathroom. Most modern houses and flats now have a combined bath and shower unit, but splashback from the shower can cause mildew on your shower curtain, which both looks and smells bad. You may still get mildew on a glass or plastic folding bath screen, but it is much easier to clean off, and unlike a shower curtain, you probably won?t have to replace it every year. Glass or plastic Folding bath screens can come in either glass or plastic. While glass options are more expensive, they are easier to clean and more durable. Depending on how big your bath is, you may prefer a two-fold, four-fold, or accordion-like six-fold bath screen. The bigger the screen, the more expensive it is likely to be, but again this depends on the material used. Variable hinging If you have a small bathroom, a smaller bath screen with multiple folds will help to make the most of a small space, while a 180° hinge may work better in a larger bathroom with space along the side of the bath. The hinges and borders of these screens can come in a variety of colours, but the most common colours are white or chrome. Most screens have versatile hinging which enable them to be affixed to either end of the bath. Rubber linings are usually included with the screens, to help them stick to the bath when in use. These linings, and other add-ons such as rubber seals, can also be bought separately.