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A food mixer does more than mix ingredients for a cake. Some mixers come equipped with blender and food processor attachments, making them an all-in-one electric food preparation centre.

Some food mixers are available as handheld models, while others sit on the countertop as a kitchen appliance. Handheld mixers need a bowl to hold the ingredients, while larger food mixers usually include the mixing bowl as part of the appliance.

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About Food Mixers

Food mixers have become an essential item for the kitchen, and provide an efficient, reliable alternative to mixing and beating by hand. They are easy to set up, clean and maintain, and usually work by plugging into the mains power. Utilised for a variety of different tasks such as beating eggs, preparing bread dough, mixing cake or cookie batter, along with mashing carrots and turnips, food mixers are a convenient, time saving tool for most homemakers. Powerful and quick, they allow you to mix your food without making a mess of your kitchen. Also used in bakeries and for commercial purposes, food mixers are heavily relied upon to help produce high volumes of food to a consistently high standard in a short space of time. Usually separated into hand mixers and stand mixers, the choice of styles are endless and modern food mixers on the market can appear contemporary with stainless steel, polished designs, or can take on a more vintage look, depending on the existing décor and theme of your kitchen. Some food mixers are more versatile than others, and can come with additional extras such as multi-sized whisks, dough hooks, beaters and spatula beaters, shredding discs, slicing discs, citrus presses and liquidiser attachments; so if you want the most from your mixer, it's always best to check what mixing options are mentioned on the specifications. Volumes will also vary depending on the specific model, but are usually around five to seven litres for conventional households. Food mixers are manufactured by a wide range of companies, including Kenwood, Phillips, Charles Jacobs, Russell Hobbs, Breville, KitchenAid, Bosch and more.