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Fred Perry polo shirts for men and women show forth your breezy, casual style. Short sleeved with a collar, polo shirts are several jumps up from T-shirts but have similar comfort and lightweight, non-confining convenience.

Fred Perry polo shirts come in white, various solid colours, and patterns such as wide stripes and squares. Stylish and trim, a Fred Peery polo hugs the body and allows freedom of movement. Enjoy your active life in a Fred Parry polo.

About Fred Perry Polo

Fred Perry is a British clothing brand that was established in the late 1940s. The brand came about as the result of a collaboration between Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian footballer, and champion tennis player Fred Perry, after whom the brand is named. Beginning simply with a line of sweatbands, the pair soon branched out into cotton pique shirts, and further lines of clothing, accessories and footwear soon followed. Fred Perry polo shirts have been a popular line since the brand's launch, and are available in styles for men, women and children. The iconic polo shirt has been made in cotton pique since its launch, and features the well known laurel wreath logo on the left breast. It was in the 1960s that the polo shirt first became popular as non-sports wear, with the shirt (which was only available in white at the time) being dressed up under a suit, as well as being dressed down with other items of casual wear. Soon, the brand was asked to make polo shirts in alternative colours, and with colour detailing around the ends of the sleeves and on the shirt's collar. It was from these requests that the Fred Perry brand launched polo shirts with their distinctive twin coloured bands around the collar and cuffs. In addition to being available in a wide variety of block colours, Fred Perry shirts also evolved to be offered in a range of different styles, including stripes. The women's polo shirts tend to be more fitted than the men's version, with both of these and the children's range available in a wide variety of sizes.