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French furniture refers to a style or look of furniture rather than to furniture made in France or by French companies. French furniture has a light, airy and semi-ornate appearance and provides a touch of elegance to a room.

French furniture includes beds, tables and chairs, wardrobes and cabinets, dressing tables, chests of drawers and pretty much any type of furniture available in other styles. The style includes subtle curves and delicate lines and suggests somewhat of the old regime.

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About French Furniture

There is a broad range of French furniture available, ranging from faux French antique style pieces, to shabby chic and contemporary items. French furniture is available at many different price points, to suit any room, for example for the bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, dining room or bathroom. Pieces available include chests of drawers, dressers, wardrobes, dressing tables, dining or occasional tables, cabinets, beds, bookshelves, desks and chairs, to name a few, all in various sizes. Complete room sets are also available. There are also various decorative items on offer, such as mirrors, spice racks, storage systems and bed heads. French furniture adds style and glamour to a variety of settings. It tends to be made of wood and is generally painted in pale, subtle shades, such as white, grey, cream or pale blue. One of the most popular styles of French furniture is shabby chic, which actually originated in Great Britain. It consists of copies of classic furniture that would typically be found in a French château. It is often distressed, so the paintwork is scratched, chipped or dented, to give the impression of age, for an authentic look. Some pieces of French furniture are very ornate, with lots of hand carved detail and a graceful fluid style, redolent of the French Rococo style, which originated in the early 18th century in Paris. This furniture is often painted in pastel shades and may include gold colours. French furniture is available either in flat pack format, which requires self-assembly, or as ready-made furniture.