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Whether you have trouble growing a full head of hair or you are preparing for a theatrical role, a full lace wig is perfect. A full lace wig comes in a huge range of colours and cuts with real human hair or synthetic.

Enjoy the ability to have your hair down or to put it up, as these glue securely to your scalp. Stop worrying about whether your wig is noticeable and choose the very best.

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About Full Lace Wigs

Whatever your reason for donning a wig, a full lace wig should be your top choice when you want the flexibility to style your hair however you want. Lace wigs have a wig cap made of lace to which each strand of hair is tied; a full lace wig means the entire cap is made from this lace, rather than just the forehead. Since each hair is individually secured, you can style a full lace wig in a myriad of ways, from up-dos to braids and even simple ponytails. Some wigs use real human hair, while others are made from synthetic hair. No matter what your ethnicity, you will also find a great array of colours, textures, and styles, from straight or mildly wavy to intensely curly. The wig is typically attached with glue, but you can find glue-free designs as well. If you are worried that others may be able to tell you are wearing a wig, some feature baby hairs that help create a more natural look. Choose your full lace wig and get ready for a whole new realm of hairstyle possibilities.