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Furniture Village offers sofas and dining sets, as well as other furniture. Furniture Village sofas and living room sets are among their best-known products. Furniture Village sofas are typically lush, well upholstered, and comfortable, with a solid look to them.

Colours range from chocolate brown to beige to blue to white. These are solid pieces that usually require a good bit of room, not portable furniture but comfortable and elegant with plenty of depth.

About Furniture Village

Furniture Village is a UK based furniture retailer with 40 Stores. Furniture Village believes that furniture is an important aspect to make anyone’s house a home, an expression of personal style and individuality that requires investment. Therefore they are committed to creating the best products and offering the best service to their customers. The company have expertise in regards to manufacturing high quality furniture and they pride themselves in delivering the best impartial advice so customers to make an informed choice about the type of furniture that suits them.

The first Furniture Village opened in Abingdon in 1989 with the intention of offering excellent products, prices and services to people. The intention is stands for the company today as they have created a range of imaginative practical and comfortable furniture that suits many people. The company offer high quality sofas and chairs, beds and bedroom furniture, dining furniture, living room furniture and a wide variety of furnishings and accessories for customers to choose from.