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  • 6
    Published bynetlagged
    FAKE Gameboy Advance and Color POKEMON Games

    So whats the problem in these fake games? Well they will be glitchy - poor quality and probably break quite quickly - possibly damaging your console too. For a poor quality rip off it isnt worth the risk....

  • 17
    Published by1busyman
    What games do I use for my Gameboy System?

    Consumers often get confused what game cartridges will work for them in the Nintendo Gameboy system.. Originally Nintendo made the system known as Gameboy. This was the system that played cartridges known...

  • 5
    genuine gameboy pokemon game guide

    due to the growing number of fake gameboy advance games on ebay i have made this useful guide for all to use ALL genuine games have a couple of small letters or numbers imprinted onto the label at the...

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