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A little girl’s dressing table is a place where your daughter can happily apply faux make-up and brush her hair, just like Mommy. She can even keep her beauty supplies in the drawers when she is done playing.

Some girl’s dressing tables are made of durable plastic, but you can find many charming pieces in other materials that will really make her feel like a grown-up. Set her table beside yours and apply your make-up together.

About Girls Dressing Table

Dressing tables are popular pieces of furniture that typically stand in a girl?s bedroom. They usually incorporate a seat or stool, to provide seating, and a table or dresser with a mirror. A girls? dressing table provides a comfortable place to sit, whilst applying makeup, brushing the hair or attending to other beauty treatments. Features A girls? dressing table is often a smaller version of a full sized dressing table that is used by an adult. The dressing table and seat may be produced from various different materials, with cheaper versions usually being produced from plastic and more expensive versions being produced from wood. A painted dressing table is often finished in popular colours to coordinate with a girl?s bedroom, such as white, pink or lilac. The dressing table may include an attached or free standing mirror and may also feature an integral drawer for storing cosmetics, toys and other trinkets. The chair or stool can usually be stored beneath the table to save space. Dressing tables for small children may be painted or decorated with colourful themed pictures to coordinate with other bedroom furniture. Many girls? dressing tables aimed at toddlers often include play cosmetics, jewellery or hair accessories and may even feature music and lights for entertainment. Styles There are many different styles of girls? dressing tables, ranging from simple to elaborate designs. Some dressing tables may feature decorative embellishments, such as hearts, flowers or scroll work, whilst others are designed to replicate the ornate style of a princess, which is a popular theme for young girls.