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About Girls Petticoat

A girl's petticoat for your little princess transforms her fairy tale dreams into reality. It is fun for little ones to dress up, whether it is for a game at home, fancy dress party, or debut performance as a bridesmaid or flower girl. Crinoline petticoats are ideal for wearing under skirts and dresses, as they give an extra bit of volume that transforms a simple garment into a special outfit. Hooped A-line models create a dramatic effect, while hoopless versions offer a gentler degree of fullness. Choose the length of the petticoat so that you achieve the prettiest effect, while concealing the undergarment. Some items come with a flat drawstring waistband that you can adjust to fit the child perfectly. You can find a variety of styles and sizes on eBay for all age groups. Petticoats come as individual garments or you can find them already built into a lovely skirt.