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About Girls Tudor Costume

Kids love playing dress up, particularly as Mediaeval or Renaissance royalty, such as girls' Tudor costumes. Available on eBay in a number of different styles and sizes, these lovely costumes help your little girl feel like a princess or queen. While some complex costumes are for re-enactments or special festivals, these costumes are also great for Halloween or fancy dress parties. Young girls can choose from a number of colours, but reds, blues, and greens tend to be the most popular in the royalty patterns, while blue and white or black and white are more common for maids or serving girl choices. Of course, the royalty costumes tend to include more detailing and finer fabrics. Many of the more complex costumes include fabrics such as taffeta, silk, and jacquard, while the simpler, Halloween costume styles feature cotton and polyester for easier cleaning. With so many different types, you can easily find a great costume for your little queen or princess that will not break your budget.