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About Girls Victorian Costume

Dressing up is always a fun activity for children, particularly when they engage in dress up play and role play using characters drawn from a period in history. The Victorian period, which covers the reign of British monarch Queen Victoria from the 1830s to the 1900s, is a popular choice for children?s costumes. A girl?s Victorian costume may be reproduced from a variety of Victorian fashions, ranging from school and servants? uniforms to ladies? crinoline dresses. Fashion Although today?s reproductions of Victorian costume generally follow the style of the period, they are often stereotypical versions of an authentic dress. Common Victorian costume reproductions include servants? uniforms and girls? school uniforms, which typically include a black smock that is covered by a white apron and a white cap. By contrast, a costume designed to replicate the fashions of a wealth lady will be colourful with a large hoop skirt, and may be highly decorative, with lace on the bodice, cuffs and bonnet. Uses A girl?s Victorian costume has plenty of potential for wear, whether worn merely for entertainment and dress up play, or for a specific event, such as a themed school day or school play. A Victorian school uniform is particularly relevant for school children who may be studying the lifestyle, school environment and disciplines of the period, as the costumes allows them to re-enact similar scenarios. School plays that are set in the Victorian period may require various costumes from different levels of Victorian society to provide an authentic depiction of the characters.