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Get temporary glitter tattoos for your child's next party or when they go out for a touch that catches the eye without being permanent. Kits include body glitter, glue, self-adhesive stencils, brush sets and instructions to guide you from beginning to end.

Many are waterproof, last for 3 to 7 days and tested by a dermatologist to prevent allergy or skin reactions. Add glitter tattoos to your body for Halloween, festivals, or birthday parties for a unique and individual touch.

About Glitter Tattoos

Glitter-tattoos are popular with children of all ages. A glitter tattoo can be of a child’s favourite cartoon character, animal or symbol. A glitter tattoo can also have many colours and can be washed off easily meaning they won’t get in trouble for having it when they go back to school, if they’ve worn it to a party over the weekend for instance.

A glitter tattoo comes in many styles

There are many ways to apply a tattoo. When it is drawn on with a brush, an adult or child can have an elaborate design, and many glitter-tattoos come with instructions so that a parent can draw a large design on their child so anything is possible. Tattoos can also be applied via adhesive stickers. As a brush isn’t required, an adult doesn’t have to necessarily be present. Just like with a tattoo that is applied with a brush, an adhesive glitter tattoo will wash off. If a pack of glitter-tattoos is bought for a child, there will be many to choose from, making them ideal for themed birthday parties.