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About Glitter Wallpaper

Glitter enhanced patterned wallpapers might feature designs such as paisley, flowers or geometric shapes. These provide a striking look and can be incredibly useful when applied to one wall within a room to act as a feature, with other walls decorated simply in complementary or neutral colours. Whilst some of these patterned wallpapers use coarse metallic glitter within the design, for example, a stripe of glitter on an otherwise matt wallpaper, others simply have a pearlescent sheen all over giving an eye-catching but understated look. Plain glitter enhanced wallpapers are often less overpowering and can be used in whole rooms without appearing too brash, depending, of course, on the colour as well. Again, there are non patterned wallpapers which simply have a very fine glitter applied over the whole surface which gives a sheen rather than a sparkle. Applied in light colours, this does very well to make the most of light within any given space by reflecting it back into the room. This is a useful device for darker rooms which have fewer windows, smaller spaces or those rooms that do not face the sun. Block colour wallpapers with a coarser glitter are more sparkly and have an obvious ?glittery? look. This does well to evoke a feeling of fun or glamour in a space, for example, a child?s room or a room for entertaining guests. These larger glitter particles will also reflect the light providing an eye catching spangle thus making them better suited to use out of direct sunlight.