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  • Published byebayguides
    Gold Bullion Coins Buying Guide

    Gold has been a valuable item of trade for many thousands of years. It adorns the wealthiest people in the world and its value increases every year. The recent rise in gold prices means that anyone with...

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    Published bychardcoins
    Krugerrand - One Ounce Investment Gold Coin

    Krugerrands - The World's First and Most Successful One Ounce Gold Bullion Coin Kruger Fact File Everything you need to know about krugerrands. One Ounce of Gold In 1967, the South African Chamber of Mines...

  • 10
    Published bychardcoins
    Gold Coins - A Brief History from Midas to Buffaloes

    Gold Coins Four millennia of gold coin production and use - a brief history. The First Gold Coins Lydia 643 BC In about 643 to 630 B.C., the Lydians had started to produce the first coins. They were quite...

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