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Access to a golf trolley gives you a simple means to move your clubs and balls around the course. While an electric golf trolley requires little in terms of energy, moving a manual three-wheel trolley or a golf bag trolley is not difficult either. Some of these trolleys fold and unfold easily, offering maximum portability.

Next time you are on the golf course, tee off without worrying about how you will get your equipment from one hole to the next.

About Golf Trolley

As any golfer will tell you, hauling a heavy bag of clubs around a golf course is exhausting enough, without having to actually play a round as well! If you want to be sure that you can concentrate all of your effort and energy on your game, a golf trolley is an absolute must. Manually operated golf trolleys come in two forms, the 2-wheel pull trolley which is typically pulled behind you as you walk and the 3-wheel trolley which can either be pushed or pulled. The 3-wheel variety provides increased support for your bag, which makes it ideal if you are carrying a lot of heavy clubs. It also means that you exert less energy in wheeling it along, compared to a 2-wheel trolley. If you want to enjoy your game even more, invest in an electric golf trolley. Equipped with a small motor, these units can transport your clubs at the push of a button. Things to look out for when purchasing your trolley include additional holsters for equipment such as umbrellas and winter tyres, which will allow you to carry on golfing, in even the most challenging conditions and terrain. Before buying your trolley, double check its dimensions to ensure that your golf bag will fit in it. Golf trolleys are usually fairly robust, but opting for a new or lightly used trolley will ensure that it is in top condition.