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About Grease Pink Ladies Jackets

John Travolta. Olivia Newton-John. Stockard Channing. The 1978 film, Grease, made household names of the three of them. When it comes to fashion, the film made three items of clothing incredibly popular too. For the guys it was the classic skinny white t-shirt as sported by Mr Travolta. The girls, meanwhile, got to take their pick from the skin-tight Lycra leggings of Olivia Newton-John and the satin pink collegiate-style jacket as worn by Rizzo, Frenchie and the crew. The Pink Ladies Whether you see yourself as tough-nut Rizzo or more like super-sweet Frenchie, one thing's for sure; to be a true Pink Lady, you shouldn't be seen leaving the house without the retro 1950s 'pink ladies' jacket. Worn by the entire clique of girls in the film, Grease, it was a statement piece of clothing that set the popular girls apart from the rest of Rydell High. Fancy dress A Grease outfit is a classic when it comes to fancy dress. The pink ladies jacket can be accessorised with hair scarves, cat's eye glasses, and those skinny Lycra leggings to get a great Grease look with minimum effort. What's more, it makes the perfect outfit for many occasions. Hen nights, birthday parties, or just a Friday night out on the town - whatever the event, it's a cinch to get dolled up as a Pink Lady and get into the 1950s vibe. Just add the finishing touches of a pink beehive wig for Frenchie, curly blonde for Sandy, or short backcombed crop for Rizzo and you've got the whole look sussed.