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Buyers purchase hairpieces for many different reasons. If you have thinning hair, insert a clip-in section of hair to cover bald spots.

Use synthetic hairpieces to add length and fullness, or use a 3/4 wig, also called a half wig, to create layers of hair which blend in with your natural mane. Transform your hairstyle instantly by attaching a ponytail extension. Add a few strips of hair in a different colour to create a style which resembles highlights.

About Hair Pieces

Hairpieces are becoming increasingly popular as more and more women choose them as an innovative way of adding volume and length to short or thin hair. A huge array of colours and styles are available ? so it?s worth browsing around to find something perfect for your skin tone. The pieces come in a range of styles, so you can generally find something to fit exactly what you?re looking for, whether that?s an intricate hairpiece for a wedding, or a simple no-fuss ponytail. Pieces may be clip on, glue on or attached to combs that are pinned in to existing hair. They may also come attached to scrunchies or hair bobbles that can be used to create a bun effect. A choice of full-head extensions, or individual sections are available ? allowing you to add length only in certain places if you?re planning a particular style, and also means that you can mix and match colours if you choose to. As well as coming in a range of colours, there is also a choice of different materials that hair extensions are created from. Synthetic ranges are generally the cheapest option, although many brands now also supply real hair, from ethical sources. These provide the most realistic option, and can be styled and heat-treated as part of your normal hair styling routine. This makes them a popular choice for brides-to-be, who want to add extravagant extra length to allow gorgeous up-styles for their special day. Hair pieces can also refer to ornamental glass or plastic pieces woven in to hair, particularly popular for formal events such as proms, balls or weddings.